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Prairie Analytical Systems, Inc is an independent analytical testing laboratory located in the heart of the Illinois prairie in Springfield, IL. Established in 1993, Prairie has become a leader in analytical and environmental testing by providing professional, ethical and prompt support services to its clients. During this period, Prairie has served including but not limited to, Federal and State Agencies, local governmental and consulting firms, industry and individuals. The staff of chemists and technicians represent over 115 years of combined technical and analytical working experience.  Prairie is also a woman owned small business that is recognized as a DBE by a variety of agencies.

Illinois Hydraulic Fracturing:
The Illinois Hydraulic Fracturing Regulatory Act appears to be inching closer to adoption after the Illinois Department of Natural Resources (IDNR) posted the most recent edition of the act following the review of 30,000 comments (Revision 2). If approved in its current form, the act will represent the nationís strictest regulations for high-volume oil and gas drilling. The industry is expecting for the second notice of the rules to be adopted with minimal changes however not in time to begin fracking in 2014.
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Corporate Objectives:
corporate objectives reflect the manner by which a company performs and the results of the team effort of its staff working towards those common objectives. Our objectives are achievable, realistic, clearly understood and reflect our company's basic personality.

Our Clients: To provide diverse and technological cost effective services to the needs of our clients. Itís our commitment to quality.

Our Staff: To challenge our employees with professional opportunities within a safe environment while rewarding teamwork and individual performances; to provide job security and the opportunity to share in the company's success and help them gain a sense of satisfaction and accomplishment from their employment.

Our Interests: To participate in those fields of interest that is built upon our competencies, technologies and customer interests, that enables the company to earn needed profits offering the opportunity for continued growth.

Citizenship: To participate in the obligations of good citizenship by being an economic, intellectual and social asset to the community and to the institutions that generate the environment in which we operate and live.