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Other Services:

It Prairie Analytical Systems, Inc.'s goal to provide clients with the best possible value added analytical service and project management. In order to achieve this goal, Prairie Analytical Systems, Inc. offers a number of services to its clients.

· Electronic Data Deliverables:

Prairie Analytical Systems offers several EDD formats widely used throughout the environmental industry including the deliverable required for landfills under the Illinois EPA's Groundwater Monitoring Program and EquIS compatible formats for monitoring and remediation projects. Furthermore, Prairie Analytical Systems can custom design EDD formats to satisfy our clients’ specific needs.

· Sample Bottle Shipping Service:

Prairie Analytical Systems, Inc. will prepare bottle orders and ship to anywhere in the United States. Additionally, clients have access to Prairie Analytical Systems, Inc.'s UPS and Federal Express accounts for sample shipments coming from locations in the United States.

· Sample and Bottle Courier Services:

Your project manager can provide you with shipping labels, or help you to schedule a pick-up when warranted. They can help you ensure that the samples arrive at the lab in hold time and temperature compliance.

· Field Services:

Field services are available to clients on a project specific basis. Contact the Project Manager to set up field services such as soil sampling, groundwater sampling, drum sampling and NPDES sampling.